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Skills To Succeed...

In Post-Secondary Education, At Work, In Life

The world is changing fast and in order to thrive students need more than good grades. Dale Carnegie Puerto Rico is offering a Youth Soft Skills Development Program with a range of courses that are aimed to develop the skills that are crucial to be successful in life.

What we do

Dale Carnegie prepares students to develop the critical Soft Skills that employers are looking for during recruitment and that will be needed once they start working. Through these soft skills, students acquire the competencies necessary to receive and maintain great job opportunities.

Dale Carnegie is a premier Soft Skills developer, where students gain skills to think critically, undertake problem solving at school, work or at home, communicate effectively, and develop the leadership they need to be successful in the work place someday.


Developing the new generation of high achievers


Source: Future of Job Report, World Economic Forum

Due to the extraordinary situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak, we have moved our In-Person Courses to Live Online Programs.

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Youth Focus

Live Online Package

Eight hours, Six Courses

Leadership Training - Black.png
Youth Leadership.jpg

Youth Leadership Development (in Spanish)

Live Online Seminar

Five 1.5-hour Sessions

Leadership Training - Black.png

Warren Buffet, one of the most influential and successful investors of all time, explains his experience with Dale Carnegie in this video.

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