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Winning Leadership

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Winning Leadership: Engage, Align, and Get Results - 4 Session Seminar

Today’s organizations/environments ask leaders to produce more results with fewer and fewer resources. This creates very difficult teams and leadership challenges. Leaders must encourage teamwork, bottomup idea generation, alignment, loyalty and above all commitment. Rather than direct and dictate, leaders must inspire and motivate!
Dale Carnegie Training will help your organization achieve results by creating leaders who are aligned with the organization and who will help drive agendas. By combining corporate mission, vision and values with our unique methodology employees will begin supporting a world they helped create. The only sustainable competitive advantage is the innovation and creativity of the employees of an organization. Establishing a leadership culture provides the environment where innovation and creativity can flourish.

Completion will empower participants to:

  • Understand how experiences, beliefs, and values shape our leadership style, and discover the impact of that style on the organization’s environment and culture.  •

  • Develop human potential and build relationships of mutual trust and respect.

  • Create and maintain processes and procedures that drive innovation, plan, and define performance goals, utilize time effectively, delegate, analyze problems and make decisions.

  • Demonstrate effective questioning and listening skills: one-on-one, in small groups, and leading problem-solving meetings.

  • Balance the desired outcomes of visions and plans with an accurate assessment of actual performance and hold other accountable to predetermined results.


Primary Competency Categories: Leadership, Results-Oriented, Organizational Agility, Priority Setting

Related Competency Categories: Accountability, Strategic, Interpersonal Skills, Communication

Date & Time
Various dates and times

Duration: Four 3-hour sessions

$1,695 pp






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