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Learning Packages

Training Subscriptions

One year subscriptions with a running calendar for beginning date flexibility, plus great discounts.

These are our specially curated Live Online Learning Packages; follow the Learn More link to see courses included in the package, what you'll learn and how it will help you, plus dates, times and registration.

Core LO Programs Resilience.jpg

Resilience in Leadership

Develop the ability to pivot, objectively weighing what you’re currently doing vs. other possible approaches to accomplish your mission in today’s fast-paced work environment.

Six Courses, 16 Hours

Core LO Programs Leading Remote

Leading Remote Teams

Master the skills that help lead your team to success, even when communicating remotely.

Seven Courses, 17 Hours

Core LO Programs CFS.jpg

Client Focused Sales

This package provides quick-hitting sales techniques for effective cold calling, making a compelling sales presentation, negotiating and upselling.

Six Courses, 13 Hours

Core LO Programs Engaged Employee.jpg

Engaged Employee

These courses help you thrive by helping you to handle disagreements, set goals, build trust, manage stress and inspire others by your example.

Six Live Online and Two On Demand Courses, Eight+ Hours

Core LO Programs Navigating Change.jpg

Navigating Change

Learn to navigate change and help your team thrive through times of disruption and transformation.

Eight Courses, 18 Hours

Core LO Programs Leadership Excellence.j

Leadership Excellence

Develop the fundamental skills needed to lead teams and help team members achieve higher levels of productivity.

Four Courses, 14 Hours

Core LO Programs Hi Potential.jpg

High Potential Leaders

Equip high potential employees and new managers with the experience they need to take charge!

Five Courses, 12 Hours

Core LO Programs WCS.jpg

World Class Customer Service

Organizations tell us this training brings measurable gains in improved service quality, better resolution of customer conflict, and increased customer satisfaction.

Four Courses, 10 Hours

Core LO Programs Stress and Worry.jpg

Dealing with Stress and Worry

Overcome the challenges that keep you from reaching your full potential as an effective communicator.

Six Courses, 14 Hours

Core LO Programs YP.jpg

Youth Focus

Interpersonal skills are needed to succeed in a world that's evolving at the fastest pace in history.

Four Live Online and Two On Demand Courses, Eight Hours

You may request detailed course descriptions and accreditation information by calling (787) 244-4862 or by submitting our Contact Form.

Interested in the professional development of your team? Ask us about Dale Carnegie Unlimited Certificate Paths and Team Training Custom Programs.

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