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Leading Virtual Teams

Live Online

Leading Virtual Teams - 2 Session Seminar

In today’s digital world, home-working and teleworking have become much more common for many businesses. But how do you build a cooperative and productive team if you can’t meet face-to-face? This two-part online course will teach you the communication skills to create and motivate a successful virtual team.
Overall, virtual teams are very similar to traditional teams. However, communication and team building occur more naturally in face-to-face teams. Because of this, leaders of virtual teams should take deliberate actions to build in activities and practices that are vital to team success. This two-part, six-hour program will help equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead virtual teams to new levels of effectiveness.

Completion will empower participants to:

  • Create a virtual team environment based on relationships and camaraderie

  • Establish clear team expectations based on mutual trust and respect

  • Communicate effectively and use technology that fits the situation

  • Identify ways to foster an environment of virtual teamwork, group effort, and cooperation

Primary Competencies: Adaptability, Teamwork, Communication

Related Competencies: Leadership, Influence, Management Controls


Date & Time

Various dates and times
Duration: Two 3-hour sessions


$599 pp





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