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Leadership Training for Managers

Leadership Training for Managers

Due to the extraordinary situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak, we have moved our In-Person Courses to Live Online Programs.

Please see the Leadership Training for Managers Live Online Seminar.

Today more than ever, the main priorities are to determine how an organization works and how employees work. The business guru, Peter Drucker, was one of the first to predict that the great changes that are taking place in the business world magnify the distinction between "leaders" and "managers," and between a prosperous and a struggling business.

Learn How To:


  • The 5 drivers of leadership success.

  • Master the 8-step planning process.

  • Explore a process that drives innovation.

  • Define and align performance objectives.

  • Learn to recognize the potential of others.

  • Implement the 8-step delegation process.

  • Discover effective coaching techniques.

  • Apply proven principles that strengthen teamwork and trust.

  • Foster customer loyalty through a culture based on values.

Date & Time
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Duration: 3 consecutive Saturdays

$1,450 pp
As part of our commitment to support the development of leaders in Puerto Rico, and the island's future, we will be offering this registration price for a limited time only. [Original registration starts at $2,195.]





Room Ing. Harry Villegas Díaz

San Juan, PR

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