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Dale Carnegie Course:

Skills for Success for Young Adults

Skills for Success for Young Adults

Building Authentic Relationships: Your path to personal and professional success.
What do the most influential and successful people have in common? Their ability to relate
and their positive attitude.


The Dale Carnegie Program of Communication Skills, Leadership and Interpersonal Relations is our flagship program; the broadest and most generic, designed to develop your interpersonal skills, effective communication and strengthen your
relationships at work and in private life.
100% practical and enjoyable training sessions to improve your communication and relationships

with others, develop your leadership potential,

gain self-confidence and manage stress.


Six (6) days of 3.5-hour sessions once a week taught after school hours or three (3)
consecutive Saturdays of eight (8) hours.



  • You will gain self-confidence

  • Learn to communicate your ideas more clearly and convincingly

  • You will improve your personal relationships

  • You will develop your leadership skills

  • You will obtain resources to deal with stress and improve your attitude to achieve your goals

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